The 1979 Policy Statement

Policy Statement



The National Board of Directors of the National Economic Protectionism Association (NEPA) in accordance with the objectives and ideals outlined in the Association’s Constitution and By-laws, and with the various resolutions and policies handed down by our predecessors; do hereby set these policies that will guide us in our term of office; for the period, 1979-1980.

I. NEPA is a nationalist movement.  NEPA is a nationalist movement.  It goes beyond the confines of the business community, the initial sector, into serving the youth and students, the professionals, the farmers and the workers, not only in the cities, but in the rural areas as well.  NEPA believes in the total Filipino.  In penetrating the whole Philippine Society, NEPA unifies and stirs the fervor which will propel the Filipino people towards real economic independence and national greatness.

II. NEPA Believes that Economic Nationalism is the Basic Foundation for National Development. Economic Nationalism is an integral part of nationalism.  NEPA sees the development of the nation through economic nationalism.  NEPA is committed to promote economic development, wherein the Filipino has maximum participation and control over the economy.  The Filipinos are the inherent beneficiaries of the economic progress of the country.  Our faith in the Filipino capability alone, as embodied in the motto, “Pagbutihin at Paunlarin, Tangkilikin at Ipagmalaki ang Sariling Atin” could realize our dream of nationalist industrialization.

III. NEPA Believes in the Necessity of Economic Protectionism.  Economic Nationalism finds expression in economic nationalism.  NEPA promotes and protect locally-manufactured goods, vis-à-vis foreign owned or controlled enterprises.  NEPA believes that Filipino enterprises and Filipino producers deserve total support priority from our people and government.  As such, NEPA encourages the protection of local industries so that they could grow; encourages the greater utilization of local raw materials in industry; and induces greater preference for Filipino services. NEPA aims for a wholistic economic progress, where domestic agricultural trust serves the needs of the local industries, as linked by Filipino ingenuity.

IV. NEPA is for International Cooperation and Goodwill.  NEPA supports the search for a new International Economic Order based on genuine respect and cooperation among all countries of the world.  NEPA welcomes foreign participation in our economic life, only insofar as it helps develop in the transfer of science and technology, capital formation and training of managerial skills relevant to our national development, thus resulting into a net gain for our country and our people.  NEPA believes that we must develop alternative programs that will maximize the benefits that the country will derive from the resources of foreign companies.

V.  NEPA will Protect the Consumers. NEPA subscribes to the protection of the consuming public as an economic group and disagrees with any move that creates a state of irresponsible protectionism that might favor or pamper undeserving or inefficient enterprises.

VI. NEPA will promote Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. NEPA will give counsel, encouragement and will support Filipino business, especially, the small and medium scale enterprises by integrating and unifying various economic activities.  One-room workshops are just as are just important as big enterprises in our national economic development.  NEPA, however, believes that the small and medium scale enterprises need more government support, in terms of incentives and protection, up to a certain period of time, until they mature; more than the big-local and foreign enterprises, which often benefit solely from government regulations.

VII. NEPA will Uphold the Filipino Socio-Cultural Heritage.  NEPA encourages and will support educational, civic and other nation building programs that enhances the pride and faith of the Filipino in the Filipino, to the end that our people are truly masters and sovereigns in his own country.  NEPA believes that the media, the local film producers, the nationalist writers and researchers, artists, legislators, educators and enlightened intellectuals can contribute substantially in correcting the distorted socio-cultural patterns of the Filipino as a result of long years of foreign domination.

NEPA THEREFORE, IS A NATIONAL COMMITMENT.  Committed to nationalism, economic nationalism, economic protectionism and nationalist industrialization… committed to cover the mass base of the economic totem pole and is committed in facilitating the economic prosperity of the nation through the Filipino’s ingenuity and perseverance, towards a decent and self-sufficient life!

We, therefore, are committed to pursue these policies.

March 6, 1979



National Economic Protectionism Association (NEPA)



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