Our advocacy needs funds – funds that help us reach more people; funds that provides for training and seminars for small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can compete better; funds for publications and campaigns; funds for lobbying efforts and policy reform agenda advancement. All these needs funds.  We need your help – cash or in kind. Help us and keep the flame of economic nationalism alive.

Donations in kind, such as discounts or free use of function rooms for events and seminars, technical support for publication and other similar forms of help are appreciated.

We will have our Online Donations up and online soon! Until then, we appreciate your interest and support. If you still wish you assist us in our causes, please feel free to drop by to office!



Being a member of NEPA has many advantages, both practical and intellectual. For a short list of what we offer to those who wish to become part of our family:

  • We help members have a better grasp of the Philippine economy
  • We assist members link up with like-minded nationalist businessmen for mutual help andcooperation
  • We create networking opportunities
  • We develop lobby capacity for members
  • We provide training support (management, productivity)
  • We help nurture a patriotic consumer awareness for products of members

If you’re interested in joining, simply download and print the form below, fill it out as completely and accurately as you can, and submit it to our office.

Download Membership Form

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