Who Will be the New Claro M. Recto in Bicameral Constituent Assembly?

Who will be the new Claro M. Recto in Bicameral Constituent Assembly?


The National Economic Protectionism Association (NEPA) views with alarm the moves by Congress to amend the nationalist economic provisions of the 1986 Constitution.  Foremost among NEPA’s concern is the predominance of neo-liberal legislators with economic and business interests tied to foreign corporations.

The nationalist economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution, notably that of the provision on land ownership and ownership of corporations and companies were pushed by nationalists in the 1987 Constitutional Commission. In large measure, these same provisions were the same ones that Claro M. Recto, Salvador Araneta, founding leader of NEPA fought tooth and nail in the formulation of the 1935 Constitution.

Unfortunately, these same nationalist provisions are diluted and contradicted in the same Constitution by anti-nationalist provisions sponsored by representatives of big business.

Hence, the current review of the economic provisions of the constitution will re-live the same fight in the 1935 Constituent Assembly and the 1986 Constitutional Commission.

NEPA hopes and prays that new Claro M. Rectos will stand up to win the fight for economic nationalism.


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