Federation of Philippine Industries. Inc. (FPI)

The Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) envisions a Philippines that has become globally competitive, with global presence through Filipino multinationals; a Philippines that has achieved sustained growth, characterized by a high standard of living for al and a enhanced environment. This vision of the Philippines as a global player is made possible through the Industry Development Council. The FPI envision that business will be proactive and broad-based in its concerns, sensitive not only to its own interests but also to those of other sectors such as labor and consumers, environmentally responsible.

The priority goals of FPI are the following:
· Reduce costs of doing businesses: leveling the playing field by ensuring parity internally and externally so that the country’s globalization policy can be supported, including the provision of safely nels.
· Proactively propose legislation to enhance economic development.
· Continue and improve in informing members and the public about economic issues/policies which affect business directions.
· Create more jobs.
· Ensure competitive prices.
· Promote exports through strong domestic performance in quality and availability or products: FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL.
· Openly champion fair labor practices.

In order to achieve its priority goals. FPI will undertake the following strategies:
· Develop a clear, proactive policy agenda with a clear and consistent advocacy program.
· Provide membership with service programs for specific and important issues, e.q., anti-dumping, labor contracting.
· Build a strong information facility to:
a) access business-related government plans and decisions, and
b) disseminate this information to key audiences.
· Organize and support a full-time secretarial with access to specialized, issue-focused professional expertise.
· Establish a working system of internal (FPI) and external (key sectors of Philippine society) networking.
· Reposition the public image and change the negative stereotype of local industry.

The FPI, through its Board of Directors, Officers, Task Forces and Secretariat, serves its stakeholders, most especially its members, by means of

As narrated in its History and Achievements. FPI has tirelessly carried out its advocacy work on many issues, e.g., tariffs, power, wages and on many fronts such as congress, the Office of the President, the various Executive Departments, etc.

The FPI continues to carry on its all-important work of advocacy by:
1.) preparing position papers on issues that vitally effect industry;
2.) attending congressional committee hearings and floor debase on relevant legislation; and
3.) networking with key sectors of Philippine society to promote business and industry: other business sectors, government, labour, media, consumers and academe.

In today’s world, information is vital to the success of business and industry. In this area, FPI:
1.) alerts members regarding current developments which vitally affect them such as proposed legislation and the status of such legislation and the status of such legislation in congress, Executive orders, etc.
2.) builds up database on key concerns such as tariffs, dumping, International agreements, etc., and
3.) disseminates information to its members via computer link p and its weekly newsletter, and to the public by means of periodic press conferences and interviews.

Chairman of the Board – Felix K. Maramba
President – Raul T. Concepcion
Executive vice President – Antonio M. Garcia
VP-Manufacturing – Claro C. Arriola
VP-Agriculture – Jose T. Baldonado
Board Secretary – Wilson C. Wy Tiu
Secretary General – Joseph H. Francia

Task Forces Chairman
Membership…………………………………… Linda T. Chai
Duty Free & Retail Trade…………………… Jesus L. Arranza
Labour …………………………………………. Wilson C. Wy Tiu
Customs Operation ………………………….. Claro C. Arriola
Peace & Order …………………………………. Menelco J. Carlos, Jr. /Jesus L. Arranza

At present, the FPI consists of twenty-one (21) industry association, and seventy (70) corporate members. The Board of Directors is composed of fifteen (15) elected members; eight (8) represent the industry associations and seven (7) represent the corporate members.

1.) Association of Consolidated Automotive parts producers, Inc. (ACAPP)
2.) Association of Flexible Packaging Manufactured of the Philippines
3.) Cassava Planters and Millers Association of the Philippines
4.) Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI)
5.) Coconut Oil Refiners Association (CORA)
6.) Confederation of Sugar Producers Association (CONFED)
7.) Philippine Association of Local Service Contractor (PALCON)
8.) Philippine Association of Battery Manufacturers (PABMA)
9.) Philippine Association of Feed Millers, Inc.
10.) Philippine Association of Flour Millers (PAFMIL)
11.) Philippine Coconut Producers Association (PCOPA)
12.) Philippine Electrical Electronics & Allied Industry Federation (PEEAIF)
13.) Philippine Electric wires Manufacturers Association (PEWMA)
14.) Philippine Sugar Millers Association (PSMA)
15.) Philippine Swine Producers Association (PSPA)
16.) Philippine Oleochemical Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (POMA)
17.) Philippine Palm Oil Growers Association (PPOGA)
18.) Philippine Rubber Industry Association (PRIA)
19.) Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (PULPAPEL)
20.) Textile Mills Association of the Philippines (TMAP)
21.) Tire Manufacturers of the Philippines (TMAP)

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